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The Freeze Funds website is evolving

The Budget and Treasury Department, in collaboration with the Digital Services Department launches a new website https://geldefonds.gouv.mc/

All decisions to freeze funds and economic resources, taken by the Minister of State in application of Sovereign Order n° 8.664 of 26 May 2021, will now be published on this dedicated website.

The digital platform lists all the natural and legal persons, entities or organizations that should be subject to a procedure for freezing funds and economic resources in the Principality, in application of international economic sanctions

This national list, created by Sovereign Order n° 8.664 of May 26th 2021, is kept up to date by the Budget and Treasury Department, each time entries are added, deleted or modified entries.

It is interesting to note that this site now allows professionals subject to the law to:

- Access the national list and download the latest updated version;

- To subscribe to receive notifications of each update of the national list and news;

- Take advantage of the API (application programming interface) for direct access to the national list feed

The proposed functionalities thus meet the recommendations made in the context of the evaluation of the Monegasque anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing of terrorism (MONEYVAL) and attests to the commitment of the Principality of Monaco to maintain the highest level of international standards.

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