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Strix - Disclaimer

In accordance with Ministerial Decree no. 2012-724 of 12 December 2012, obliged entities subject to Act no. 1.362 of 03 August 2019 pertaining to the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism and corruption, amended, are required to complete the  form provided by SICCFIN and used to analyse their level of risk. The form must be completed and submitted using the STRIX solution.

This enables SICCFIN to produce a risk assessment for money laundering and terrorist financing.

Obliged entities must under no circumstances used STRIX for any purpose other than completing the annual questionnaires.  Entities should be aware of the security risks involved in using the internet, and are responsible for their connection and their computer hardware. As a minimum requirement, obliged entities must have an up-to-date antivirus solution, operating system, and browser, in order to alert SICCFIN to any damage relating to non-secure use of STRIX.

Obliged entities are solely liable for the use of their strictly confidential access credentials, the completion of their questionnaire, and more generally their use of STRIX. Any action that could damage, overload, modify, copy, disable, or cause the STRIX solution to fail, is prohibited.

Obliged entities undertake to ensure that the information they provide is accurate, complete, and up-to-date.  They bear liability for the consequences of disclosing false or erroneous information about the risk assessment carried out by SICCFIN.

SICCFIN accepts no liability for any damage or loss sustained by obliged entities as a result of a breach or modification of their confidential information when accessing or completing the questionnaire, or any damage that may occur in the event that STRIX is maliciously accessed, used, or compromised by a third party. Consequently, SICCFIN cannot be held liable to repair any direct or indirect damage or loss, of a commercial or other nature, or any effects arising from erroneous, fraudulent, or obsolete information. 

No claim of any kind whatsoever may be made against SICCFIN in the event that the STRIX solution is unavailable or inaccessible.

Obliged entities undertake to be vigilant and to inform SICCFIN immediately and by any means, upon becoming aware of any malfunction, intrusion, data loss, vulnerability, or irregularity which may or does alter the STRIX solution.

They undertake not to breach any legal or regulatory provisions. Any attempt to commit fraud or any infringement of any kind shall be considered grounds for prosecution.

In order to refine the risk-based approach employed, SICCFIN’s Supervisory function processes personal data for the purpose of “Analysing the risk level of obliged entities subject to Act no. 1.362”. Responses to the form are mandatory. Failure to provide the required responses will result in SICCFIN applying the measures provided by Act no. 1.362 aforementioned and its implementing instruments. The data are intended for use by SICCFIN. Data subjects have the rights to access and rectify their personal data.  These rights may be exercised by writing to SICCFIN’s Supervisory Team by registered post with advice of receipt, at the following address: SICCFIN - 13 Rue Emile de Loth, 98000 Monaco.

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